Social Problems

Unemployment – America has been having a lot of ups and downs in its economics. The result of these changes is a changing economy and a feeling of fear and uncertainty towards the future. A lot of people have been fired and the unemployment has been growing over the past years. The problem is that the problem doesn’t seem to be diminishing at all!

Illegal immigration – It’s a very well-known social problem in America. I can even dare to say that this is the social problem of the moment; there are a lot of laws, politics and economics going around this issue. The fact is that America’s reaction and decisions regarding this issue is going to greatly affect it.

Gun control – Recent events have showed us that gun control is an issue in which we should focus our attention. Through very unfortunate events America has realize that guns are not always utilized for their purposes (which are self-defense and protection).

Drug abuse – I personally think that this is a social problem around the world. There’s no country that can be saved from this problem. The drug abuse is not only a health problem, but an economics, and security problem too.

Lack of honesty – Nowadays people are willing to do anything to get what they want. Unfortunately, our society is accepting the fact that as long as you get what you want, the medium to achieve it doesn’t matter. Our society lacks of honest people, with principles and values.

Same-sex marriage – A very new way of thinking ‘states’ that, the more open minded and liberal you are, the more well educated and tolerant you are. The real question is: why are people promoting it? Today is tolerance to same-sex marriage; tomorrow will it be towards pedophilia?

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