Operation Finish Line

Operation Finish Line


“We only have five months left before we leave the warm and comforting bosom of this university and face the bitterly cold shoulder of the real world.”
-Paris Geller

You know that episode in Gilmore Girls where Paris creates all of these charts full of things Rory and Paris need to get done before they graduate? Well, I can’t say I haven’t been a bit excited to finally get to that point in my college experience. To be fair, I still have a year left. However, the heaviest part of the recruiting season happens during fall semester so I thought why not start now? Therefore, I’ve decided to start my own Operation Finish Line.

I didn’t need to think for long to start coming up with things I must get done before April comes around. The list includes a little bit of everything: things all students must do while in college, job hunting, academic events, and a lot of random things I’ve wanted  to do for the longest time but never made the time to actually do them. Yep, I’m the QUEEN of procrastination 👸🏻.

The upcoming year is definitely going to be a busy one. First of all, I need to figure out a way I can fit the remainder of my required classes in two semesters so that I can be outta here come April (hello 18 credits! 🙋🏻). Did I mention I tend to procrastinate? Then, there is the whole graduation process and application, the international requirements and applications that go along with graduating/getting a job, job applications, actually getting a job, certifications… and that’s on top of my par-time job, calling, and a feeble attempt to have a social life. On the upside, my planner and I will be closer than we’ve ever been before 🙂

Daunting does not begin to encompass how I feel about the upcoming year. But I do feel that there is no point in overwhelming myself with the vastness of things I need to get done. I just have to put one foot in front of the other. After all, that’s how I’ve managed to get here. One foot in front of the other…


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