What should you be looking for in your own life? What are God’s miracles that remind you that He is close, saying, “I am right here”? Think of those times, some daily, when the Lord has acted in your life—and then acted again. Treasure them as moments the Lord has shown confidence in you and in your choices. But allow Him to make more of you than you can make of yourself on your own. Treasure His involvement. Sometimes we consider changes in our plans as missteps on our journey. Think of them more as first steps to being “on the Lord’s errand.” -Ronald A. Rasband

Five things that I learned this month:

  1. Being a business major means that you, as a woman, will always be greatly outnumbered by men. This has its downsides, but it also has its upsides! And this month I was reminded of how much better student/person/professional I am surrounded by my male classmates.
  2. There is no better feeling than ignoring your email. Ironically, there is no worse feeling that opening your email after neglecting it for days.
  3. Always have an “introduce yourself” pitch prepared. You would guess that at this point Diana would have figured this one out. Noup, I still babble my way through introductions. One of these days though… I am telling you, I will get it together.
  4. We are all much more than a number; any number. Whatever number you think you are, you are not. I am skeptical about many things but of this I am completely sure.
  5. I’ve come to realize that there are very few things that baking, sleeping, or taking a bath cannot solve *types as she takes out a yogurt and berries cake out of the oven*.

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