“It is my personal belief that we should mistrust any categorical affirmation that pretends to establish a fact as an absolute truth because usually it will only be valid within a very limited context. An extremely extensive list of these phrases could be made, but there is one that surely sits on top: “I made myself.” I believe that no one is the result of their own personal effort, we are in a greater or lesser degree, and though not entirely, product of the influence of many people and circumstances. Personally I reject the deterministic visions of life that neglect the power of will and a tenacious effort; just as the absolutism perceptions that apply a judgement to the ‘failed’ woman or man, affirming that “[he] has brought upon him his own condemnation”, in the least of all cases “for no having wanted it enough” to achieve success, because after all, “The man can achieve everything that he sets his minds to, if he wants it with enough vehemence.”

I prefer an eclectic view, that recognizes that within the natural limits that our own circumstances dictate, a few of which can have an inevitable character, a tenacious effort and constant and continued effort of a man or woman with clear objectives, can overturn their reality in a favorable way for himself, herself, and their respective environments.

I consider myself a tenacious worker and I believe I was equipped with an almost obsessive character. I believe that each man or woman are their own agents and that their own personal effort is the main asset to obtain wellness, and even prosperity. Throughout my life I think I have honored this personal conviction. Nonetheless, I am not even close to be the result of my own effort. A multitude of people have allowed me to achieve the discrete accomplishments that to this day I have achieved. Among them, in an outstanding manner I need to mention a group of women that have marked my journey in this life: To Rebeca, my mother, to Lucrecia, my wife, and Denisse, Daniella, Diana, and Dorie, my four precious daughters. I could count few events that have not been directly or indirectly tied to their lives, councils, examples, affection, and inspiration that their existence has represented to me. They have been in different ways, times, and circumstances an anchor that maintains me firm in my personal storms, a balm that has allowed me to feel comforted, and a lighthouse that shows, in a clear way, the horizon that must be achieved. For this… I thank heaven for my women.”1

These are not my words, but in the many books that I have read, though admittedly have been few compared to all the books that have ever been written, I have yet to find a more wise, profound and plain beautiful acknowledgement.

Perhaps I am biased, surely I must be…

But then again, am I really?

1 Jaén Hernández, V. M. (2010). Nissan Motor Company., Ltd.: Estrategia de Mercadotecnia para el Mercado Europeo” (Master’s thesis, Universidad La Salle Pachuca, 2010). Pachuca.

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