Loneliness of…

Instagram is a funny place. There have been times when scrolling through Instagram has made me feel not so very good about my life. It’s extremely easy to—unconsciously and unwillingly—fall into the comparison trap. You see people with seemingly better lives, better homes, better friends, better families. But sometimes, some lucky times, you get across some jewels.

This week, I came across this jewel… about the types of loneliness by Mari Andrew. This post resonated with me in a deep way because some of them hit right home. And like the over-thinker that I am, I just kept thinking of the type of loneliness I have experienced and needed to put some of them into words…

Loneliness of failing a test

Loneliness of getting a no for an answer when you were really hoping for a yes

Loneliness of starting over in a new city

Loneliness of being physically present in one a place, but your heart being somewhere else

Loneliness of a missed opportunity

Loneliness of could have’s/should have’s

Loneliness of shouldering financial burdens by yourself

Loneliness of making ends meet

Loneliness of pain

Loneliness of being in a room full of people yet feeling so very alone

Loneliness of not feeling enough

Loneliness of overlooked efforts

Loneliness of an unkind word lingering in your head and worse, in your heart

Loneliness of not being home

Loneliness of spending a birthday alone

Loneliness of sitting in the chapel by yourself while everyone else is surrounded by their families

Loneliness of feeling stuck

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