Of  all sights, my sisters laughing. Of  all smells, an old book. Of  all surfaces, a warm hand.
Of all feelings, belonging.
Of  all sweet sounds, children laughing.
Of  all my journeys, the self-knowledge one.
Of  all other journeys, Spring City.
Of  cities, Provo. Of  modes of  transport, trains.
Of   the neglected virtues, quietness. Of   the celebrated, kindness.
Of   the harmless vices, burgers.
Of  solitary vices, a long warm bath.
Of   the social pastimes, watching a movie at home.
Of all the fruits, apple. Of all pies, apple.
Of  all that delights the cultivated mind, reading a book.
Of  all jokes, the silly ones.
Of  practical jokes, stealing children’s noses.
Of  all of  Job’s afflictions, losing friends.
Of   beverages, fresh orange juice.
Of  ingenious devices, kindles.
Of   the proofs of God’s love, mothers.
Of all character’s flaws, selfishness and entitlement.
Of   the forgotten sins, laziness.
Of   the erotic side-pleasures, smiling.
Of  domesticated creatures, dogs.
Of  all times, Christmas. Of  all fears, the unknown, the uncertainty.
Of  sweet sounds to wake to, rain. Of  all places, home.

Inspired by the brilliant Abby Rasminsky. Who in turn, was inspired by Maurice Riordan.

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