Things I’ve learned as a 21 year old


This week was my sister’s birthday and it got me thinking. We all know the catchy phrase people say to you on your birthday, ‘you’re older and wiser.‘ Every birthday since I turned fifteen, I’ve wondered if that applies to me. So, I’ve been inspired to create this little space in the internet dedicated to track the things I’ve learned from the experiences, trials, and joys I’ve gone through as a 21 year old.

On my birthday I want to come back to this post and be reminded of all the things I discovered about myself, others, and life, the lessons I learned, the mistakes I made, and the happiness I found along the way.

Without further adieu, here are the things I’ve learned so far as a 21 year old:

  1. There’s is joy in serving others.
  2. Nothing, I repeat, nothing will ever beat kindness. No matter your economic position, your social status, your background, or anything else… always be kind!
  3. Letting go is a painful process. However, holding onto things that hurt you, cause you pain, or constantly let you down is a far more painful process to go through.
  4. Very often, in life we have to let go of good things so we can get better ones.
  5. Things are never as bad or as good as they appear to be. That being said, nothing lasts forever. Neither the good times, nor the bad ones.
  6. You’re not irrelevant and you’re not ordinary. You’re seen and you’re special.
  7. Never pass an opportunity to learn something new. Even if is something you think you’ll never ever need.
  8. You’ll get the results that you work for. ( I had to learn this the hard way. Please don’t ask why 😛 )



Long time no see

2016-01-10 13.15.18

Okay, so this picture was taken a looong time ago. Like January-ago. School definitely kept me busy this past semester. However, I’m happy to report that finals are over and this semester is as well. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a summer this badly. I was so ready to to take a break, but anxious Diana kicked in last week and made the thought of having  a completely free summer a dreadful idea. So, this girl is taking a summer class. I know for sure, in less than a month I’ll be regretting my decision but for now this is the plan.

April has been a weird month. There’s been a lot of things going on. Good things and bad things. I’ve felt rejection in a whole new level (adulthood stinks!), I’ve been disappointed, and I’ve felt incapable. Fortunately, this last week has been a nice change. I’m trying to keep a good attitude about the things I cannot change. I guess that’s how you make it, by keeping you head up and your heart strong.




Plaid flannel Christmas






When I think about Christmas my mind immediately thinks about plaid patterns. Am I the only one? I don’t think so because there’s nothing more Christmas-y than a warm, soft, and cozy plaid flannel shirt. I realize, of course, that Christmas already happened, but hey, to me the entire month of December is Christmas 🙂 .

Tomorrow we’ll be beginning a new year. After Christmas I have been thinking a lot about all the unexpected things that happened to me this year. I’m the kind of person who likes to plan everything; I religiously abide to my planner and calendar. This year was nothing like my plans, and I’m so grateful for it. I do think that 2015 was the best year yet.

While I’m very grateful for this amazing year, I’m even more excited to start 2016. A clean slate. Most of the time I take for granted the clean slate that I get everyday when I wake up (thus, one of my goal this year is to start everyday without the disappointments of the previous day). Somehow, a new year feels like an official clean slate, do you know what I mean? 🙂 As the control freak that I am, I’ve already written my goals for this year (you can read them here). I think that making them public will make me a little bit more accountable for them. Hopefully, right?

Happy New Year!!

Winter blues


Can you believe Christmas is this week?! I seriously can’t believe that 2015 will be over in a couple of weeks. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I love it, but it can be very intimidating too. Like, what did I do with all this time!? (please tell me that you can relate).

Personally all I can think about is, what a year this was! I was able to do so many things that I never imagined I would when the year started. I met new people who became great and special friends. I was lucky to spend one more year surrounded by old friends and new great ones. I accomplished goals and made new ones. I had to go through some hard stuff that made me learn valuable lessons and that made me realize what really matters in this life. I can truly say that this year was the most challenging and the most wonderful I’ve ever had so far 🙂 .

So the winter blues are basically nonexistent because I’m finishing this year with happiness and gratitude and love in my heart. What else does one need? To finish I’d like to share this truth I came across just yesterday, which was beautifully worded by the amazing Kelly Jensen:

“When we are grateful for what we have, what we have becomes enough.” @kellyejensen

Happy Holidays everyone! Much love,

Winter wonderland


Can you believe December is here? I can’t. December is my favorite month because there’s a spirit of unity that prevails everywhere. I love the lights and the carols and just all Christmas things. December can also mean another thing… snow (if you live in a place where snow it’s just expected in winter months). Snow is a beautiful thing if you are inside a building with a hot beverage in your hands. It’s not such a wonderful thing when you have to glide walk to class in the slippery sidewalks at 7:30 a.m.

In any case, I’ve decorated my apartment and I just can’t get enough of the Christmas decorations. It has been absolutely the best coming home at night to find the tree lights on <3. The semester is almost over and I’m so happy and so stressed about it. Finals are just one week away and I really need to get my study mode on (but after Thanksgiving break I just can’t find energy to even open my books 🙂 ).

The thought of Christmas break is the only thing that has kept me going. Is it possible to skip the next two weeks and fast forward to Christmas Eve? No? Fine… Then I’m just going to go study with my Christmas music playing in the background. That should make it more jolly and fun, right? (Don’t burst my bubble of h) 🙂


Gingham love… and something else.


November was a hard month. A month that was full of disappointments, doubts, and fears. Strangely, it was also one of the best months I’ve ever had because it was full of joy, love, and gratitude.

This month I realized a lot of things that I had been overlooking for a long time now. I was reminded that my source of strength and joy has been and always will be God. I will not go over the details of the things that I’ve experienced this past month because they are something I’d like to keep close to my heart. However, I do want you to know that, no matter what you believe in, things always happen for a reason. We meet the people we meet and go through the experiences we go through for a reason. This reason might not be obvious to you now but it will be someday.

I know this is not my usual kind of post, but it’s something I’d like to share with you. When you are tempted to focus on the things you lack, try -really try- to see the things you do have. Now that Christmas is here let’s focus on the blessings that we have. Let’s focus on the good. Let’s focus on the people we love. Let’s focus on the things that do matter!


“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” –Deuteronomy 31:6


Fall is here!


Yes, I know, fall has been here since… what’s it been? A month? I don’t know… The point is that even when fall had officially started the days still were warm and sunny. This week, however, the air turned crisp and chilly. And I’m loving it! I absolutely love fall scenery because… well, how can you not love it? The tree leaves everywhere, the stunning colors, the ideal temperature, and the perfect excuse to wear boots and cozy sweaters 😉 .

So that’s what I did over the weekend… I packed the last summer clothes that were left in my closet and unpacked my sweaters, scarfs, and boots. I also stopped by MAC and well… lipsticks, right? Yes. My sister had told me that the Rebel lipstick was the one to have this fall. I wasn’t sure whether to wear it because it’s such a dark color and it made me very self-conscious. After a long time of going back and forth, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, when I put it on I was still feeling self-conscious, but as time passed by the color grew on me. At the end of the day I was already in love with it. I say, give it a try!

This week is going to be busy. I get some comfort on knowing that I’m done with my midterms and that now I only have finals left (which is not a comforting thought at all!). Anyway, I hope you have a great day today. Let’s smile and keep moving forward! 🙂


Preppy Sunday


People say old habits die hard; I guess it’s true. Most of my years at school I had to wear a uniform (Rory Gilmore’s style 🙂 ). I guess I never got over the plaid pleated skirts, blazers, knee socks, and cross ties. In fact, I came to love the preppiness of my uniform and now it has become a necessary part of my style. I love neat, simple, and conservative clothes because you can’t never go wrong with them, right? Right!

Okay, life has been pretty busy lately. It’s all very ironic, I love school uniforms, but school work? Not so much (maybe not at all 😉 ). I’m in the thick of the semester, with so many things to do and so little time to do them. My mind is begging for Thanksgiving break to come around. I could really use a few days off and a table full of food. Actually, November is just one week away… can you believe it?

All the many things I have going on have made me realized how grateful I am for my friends and family. Today please reach out to the people you appreciate and tell them… tell them they’ve changed your life and tell them how grateful you are for their existence. I know I am! 🙂

Have a great week,

red red red


I once heard someone say, “When in doubt, always wear red.” At that time I didn’t understand the significance of this truth, but now I do. I’ve always been the kind of girl who feels comfortable with sober/cold colors. My sisters would tease me all the time because of my grandma’s closet. Things changed when I came across this Sonnet James dress. The moment I saw it I was sold. This Winnie dress is to die for!! The fabric is so soft and yet it’s heavy enough to prevent the dress clinging to you. The color (I’m wearing the Watermelon) is divine and it favors any skin color.

Yesterday the weather forecast indicated a cloudy day. I immediately thought, ‘Diana, what a perfect opportunity to wear this dress!’ I made the decision to go for it and I couldn’t have been more pleased. The color lighted up my day and it made me feel empowered and confident. Like I said… now I get the importance and magic of and behind the color red 🙂 .

Now, I hope this lesson sticks with you too. Trust me on this one. When in doubt… (say it with me) always wear red! ❤

Stay happy,