Mexico’s trip

Okay… if I had to summarize my trip to Mexico in one word, that’d be food. Yes, I ate tons and tons of food. On my first day in Mexico I managed to eat half of the items I had on my list (obviously there was a list).

No, but seriously, the three weeks I spent in Mexico were absolutely perfect. It was nice to see family pictures in our living room, my old room (even though it’s empty now), and to perceive the smell of my childhood home (am I the only crazy person who thinks that every house has a particular smell? anyone?).

One of the things I enjoyed the most was meeting with old friends. I think in the past I took things for granted. For the first time in my life I understood the difference between being needed and being wanted. The line is really thin and blurry, but I do see it now. And oh! there’s great comfort in being among people who value and want your company.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my trip (most of them are pictures of food 🙂




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