Hiking the Y

This is very embarrassing, but this was the first time I ever hiked the Y. Hiking the Y has been a long, old, well-established tradition among the BYU community. It took me, however, two years to cross this item off of my BYU college experience list. Shame on me!

The trail was long and -even though I exercise regularly- it turned out to be extremely tiring. It had only passed like ten minutes and I was already short of breath (stupid gym that doesn’t help in real life situations!). I mean, even senior couples passed me by several times. Guys in their middle 40’s were jogging their way up. And there I was, in the peek of my life and youth… trying hard to grasp some air. (Not good, I know…) Anyway, after a while I decided that I was going to take just one step at a time. So I did and all of the sudden the trail was more enjoyable and less burdensome.

When I was finally on top of the Y, I understood why people consider it a must-do activity. The view was gorgeous! The sleep deprivation, the ticking pain in my back, the little daggers puncturing my lungs…  none of it mattered. Watching the sun rise over the lake, BYU, and eventually over the whole city was simply magnificent.

I don’t know… I may be falling in love with Utah. Who would have thought, uh?



DSCN1683 DSCN1637

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