Day 11: NOT the perfect day to wear a skirt.


Okay, so the weather in Utah has been surprisingly good up until now. Since these last two weeks were sunny and breezy I thought it was a good idea to wear a skirt to school. Wow Diana… so wrong!

Past midday, the clouds were starting to hide the sun behind them. The next thing I know is that the sky is falling to pieces. At some point it was hailing so hard that going outside a building could’ve been considered a safety hazard (okay, not really 🙂 ). Unfortunately, I had a PES meeting to go to and I had to leave the warmness of the library and go outside. Like I said, not the perfect day to wear a skirt.

By the end of the day I had a sore throat. I ignored because obviously that’s the way it’s going to get fixed. The worst part of it is that around 6 p.m. the sun came out again. And it was bright and strong!! Utah, I thought we were past the crazy weather changes… I guess not.


P.S. Please pay not attention to my hair. It was dripping wet at some point during the day 🙂



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