You remember the scene in Cinderella when the mice make her a dress in her birthday? Well, that’s exactly how this dress came to be. Except it was not my birthday and it was my sister who made the dresses.

This summer I talked my sister into learning how to use a sewing machine. To be honest, I just needed some tailoring done (being petite makes it difficult to find fitted clothes) but I did not want to learn how to do it myself. What started as tailoring soon became a… I want a dress like this one but without this other thing. And my sister, being the saint she is, obliged to my desires. Ever since we crossed this dress-making point, she has made me a few clothing pieces. She has struggled and learned through each one of them and that is why they are so precious to me. More often than not, she ends up frustrated with me because I am “too picky” or “too critical.” I like to think about it as knowing what I want 😉 .

My sister says I have a way to make people do whatever I want. I believe she makes these dresses out of love and since my version sounds better (and ten times less manipulative), it is the one I will keep. Does exploiting my sister makes me the most terrible person ever? Yes, it probably does. But hey, at least now my clothes fit perfectly.


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