Please do not have a nice day…


…Have a day that matters.

Have a day that’s true.

Have a day that’s direct.

Have a day that’s honest.

It is not often that I think what my funeral will be like. In fact, I have never really thought much of it until last week. I watched The Last Word movie last week. Basically, the movie shows the life of the truly successful and ultimate perfectionist Harriet. As the end of her life comes closer she sets out on a mission to have her obituary written by the local journalist so she can approve it (as if she was going to leave this important task in the hands of fate). After doing some research, Harriet reaches the following conclusion:

There are four essential elements to a really great obituary. One, the deceased should be loved by their families. Two, the deceased should be admired by their coworkers. Three, the deceased must have touched someone’s life unexpectedly. And the fourth, that’s the wild card.

Of course this is an arbitrary statement but it did make me reflect. Our lives are meaningful not because of our accomplishments, but rather for the ways we touch other people’s lives. If anything, it is a good reminder that we should be more intentional with our actions and relationships.

November 1, 2017 🎉🎉

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