Day 13: PES Opening social


Wednesday of PES! Today we had our opening social, my first official activity as part of its executive committee (thus the proudly-wearing-my-PES-t-shirt face). We had a scavenger hunt as the first activity and then we separated into groups so we could play different games. We had several different prizes for those who finished the scavenger hunt, like t-shirts, water bottles, BYU frisbees, and PES sunglasses. The opening social was very successful. A lot of new inducted students showed up and I got to meet a lot of them. There were some students that have been in the society for a while now and it was also exciting getting to know them too. We all had fun together. So okay, quick story about the poster. I was given the assignment of creating a couple of posters for the activity. I’ve been working like crazy on the Waren case (that’s due tomorrow!) so I had to make them very late at night. Today when I got to the office, people were really impressed… I was like… are you serious?! I mean, am I the only one that see the shaky handwriting? Anyone? 😛

I was all day in school running from building to building, checking things off from my endless to-do list. I also had my first Family History workshop and it was very hard to stay awake. It was a good thing that because it was the first one it only took 30 minutes. It’s been raining here so I’m thinking that’s the reason why I am nodding off in my clases. Oh Diana… you’ll pay in a couple of weeks… you’ll see!

It was a busy and rewarding day. It just made my day when students stopped by to say “your game was the best!” or  “I loved the activity! Thank you!” They truly made my day. And I just remembered that I still need to send some PES documents to our advisor. I think that’d be my cue to say goodbye. Night-night!



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