Day 14: Waren case // Socially-awkward workshop // Faculty dinner


The Waren case was due today!! After three weeks of working on it, I finally got to turn it in, yay!!! I guess I’ve not been very clear as to what exactly the Waren case is. This is the case of a company that sells sporting supplies. We were given a set of documents (invoices, purchase orders, deposit slips, [fake] checks, and all the documentation that real companies use) and a list of transactions that occurred over the month of December. We had to record, adjust, close, and process all the transactions of the business cycle for this company. From filling in the prenumbered documents to creating the post-balance trial. I know it might not sound like a difficult thing to do, but it is. It really is. Even so, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you get when your numbers match… I’m telling you, life is beautiful and bright and promising 🙂 Unfortunately, you also get to experience the other side of the coin when your numbers don’t match (and this is the side I’m on most of the time haha).

For our second block we had a ‘Professional development workshop’. Before we left the classroom our professor said “Oh! Is the socially-awkward workshop happening today?” I was intrigued because I didn’t know what she meant by that. Little did I know… The name was actually perfect for the workshop. Let me explain; some recruiters have pointed out that BYU students are socially awkward, bright and smart but awkward. Those of us who didn’t grow up in Utah understand perfectly what the recruiters mean. So in an attempt to teach us to not be awkward (haha I’m 99.99% sure this workshop only happens in Utah), we talked about women in the workplace, minorities, drinking (the elephant in the room), and other situations that happen in the real world (and by real world I mean everywhere but Utah). There were some very interesting (to say it nicely) comments and points of view. I couldn’t help but think of this e-card 🙂 Oh! I don’t want to forget, our professor played this video for us. We only watched segments of it in class, but later I went back and watched the whole thing (it’s a one-hour video but it’s so worth it!) Anyways, I think I agree, sometimes ignorances is bliss.

In the evening our professor invited us, as well as other professors, over to her home for dinner. I mean, she invited her students to her home so we could talk and get to know each other better. I’m sure our professors had so many other things to do but they chose to spend their evenings with us. I just can’t believe how incredibly kind the accounting faculty is! Our professors answered our questions, gave us advice, and told us that we were now “part of the family”. I know it sounds very cheesy but they said it in such a transparent and truthful way that in that very moment I just knew things were going to work out. I remember how just a few months ago I was lying in my bed sleepless and restless, but now, for the first time in many months, I’m hopeful.


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